“...Impressed that more than a year later & [Crazy Crows] is still building!”

Cryptomachia, Comms Lead at darkblock.io

The Crazy Crows Chess Club

A utility focused NFT.

Launched: 15 August 2021
Total Supply: 8,181 Crows

The Crazy Crows


Our roadmap is a long-term plan to build a decentralized ecosystem of Crazy Crows and is ever evolving.

The Crazy Crows Madhouse

The Madhouse is the first ever cross-chain breed functionality for NFTs. Using Polygon for the low gas costs to run many complex functions that allow a user to create a more rare Crazy Crow, and have it land back on ETH mainnet is a feat we are very proud of. So far 11 Crazy Crows have been locked in the Madhouse. Who will be next?

Want more technical details? Check out our medium article here.

Madhouse is currently being updated. Opensea has a CORS bug in their API so we have to contact them to resolve this issue. We will update when completed.

Crazy Crows Madhouse

Crazy CrowsOur Mission

To bring high quality art and utility to NFTs. That is our main goal. We will continue to think of creative ways to gain benefits for being a Crow holder.

To be able play in the chess tournaments and dailies you will need your Crow NFT to acesss the invitations as well as be eligible for a free account on chess.com.

We will also partner with other communities where your Crow will be the only way you can access exclusive content by having a Crow in your wallet.

The Story of the Crazy Crows

A community of 8,181 crows lived high in the mountains. One day they were flying over the huge castle that is on top of the mountain and flew down to the windows to see if anyone still lived there. All they could see was Duke Xavier in the throne room covered in dust and cobwebs hunched over playing chess alone.

The crows became obessed with watching him play. Each day more and more crows landed at the windows to watch him play. One day, one of the more brave crows flew down inside and landed in front of the Duke and watched the Duke play. The Duke made a move and stopped. The Crow understood it was now his turn and started to learn how to play.

Crows Castle Exterior

Story cont...

Over time they came to realize the Duke was a lonely man who died but loved chess and remained behind to continue to play now that he had many friends to play with. But the castle has a deep secret... Read the full lore on our discord in the #lore channel!

Crows Castle Interior

Dedicated to High-Quality Art

Even on a utility-focused NFT, we are committed to providing the highest quality art available.

Each Crow trait was crafted with care and attention to how it meshed with other traits.

Crazy Crow Traits
Crazy Crow Traits
Crazy Crow Traits
Crazy Crow Traits

Our Team

With multiple years of experience in the web3 and crypto space, we are able to bring our expertise to the table to push the bountries of what was previously thought possible with NFTs.

  • kingmaker

    Co-founder and Front-end Developer

  • Crispy Mangoes

    Co-founder and Smart Contract Developer